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COW 152: Half a Pound of Evil

I finally made it back on and entered the Creature of the Week (COW) challenge a couple of weeks ago. This topic was interesting and a bit difficult. My entry went something like this:

Concept: Abaddonian Quietus Mosquito
Brought here via a galactic freighter carrying Krec Ambrosia from Abaddon 7 in the Apollion quadrant, these vicious little devils escaped quarantine and have proliferated across the entire planet in less than two years. A sting from a single quietus mosquito results in hours of physical and mental torment, followed by homicidal mania and eventually death. The global government is proceeding with plans to introduce Abaddonian Slaying Adders, a known predator to these menacing little creatures, before any swarms cause catastrophe.

Dr. Banner, I presume.

So I had to step away from the website once I got the basics up and running to work on something a little more gratifying. Selfish indulgence, I know. What can I say? There's nothing like a good romp through a comic to smash some creative anxiety and who better for that than The Maestro. This piece is actually a combination of traditional acrylics, Corel Painter and Photoshop. It was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy!


It's clobberin' time!

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Today is just a partial site launch with much, much more to follow in the coming days, weeks, etc. So please be patient as some of the now dead links slowly, but surely come to life. There is a lot of ground to cover here so I'll try to get at least some tidbits of everything and expound from there. Feel free to contact me with comments, question or hey – some work maybe.

Until then,

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Abyssopus Studios serves as the well spout for the various creative endeavors of myself, Chris J Fredricks. Within its growing walls you will find all manner of sights and sounds I am producing as an artist, designer, author, filmmaker, musician, etc.,etc. Though every effort has been made to sort and organize the material herein, for ease of discovery, you will find that many of these synthesized boundaries are artificial, as my works tend to infect each other aggressively. They are often, like myself, amalgamations and never just one thing, rather always many. Most of the pieces you will find here I am the sole author of, but there is no shortage of collaborative projects with other twisted minds, and these are duly noted where applicable. Dig it.

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Currently, I live in North Carolina on the outskirts of Raleigh on a farm with my fiancée, Jamie. In 2008 I graduated from East Carolina University, receiving a BFA with concentrations in Graphic Design as well as Animation/Interactive Design. My earliest interests in art came from comic books and heavy metal album covers. Of course, I love the music that goes along with those album covers, too. From this core, the roots have spread in many directions. There really isn't anything I'm afraid to try, nor anything I feel I can't do creatively. Creation is my zeal and I its zealot. I am as comfortable in the digital realm as the traditional and don't necessarily see the two as exclusive from one another. Similarly, I don't subscribe to the separation of artist and designer philosophy that seems to dominate the creative world. Thus, I find it hard to label myself as one or the other, or anything at all for that matter. I keep searching for the right word – creator, artificer, deviser, shaper – to describe what I do, but I have yet to discover it. I don't suppose it makes it any easier that the right word must also encompass musician, writer, filmmaker, photographer and animator. I'll keep looking though. However, in truth, I'm perfectly happy not being able to be summed up in a word.
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